Four Tips To Stay Safe When Doing Repairs Or Maintenance On A Tile Roof

There may be some maintenance and repairs you want to do to your roof. This can be something as simple as cleaning it, or if you have a tile roof, you may want to replace a tile. It is always important to practice safety and use fall protection when working on a roof. This is also true for tile roofs where tiles can easily work loose and cause you to fall. Here are four tips that will help you to be safer when you get on your roof for any reason.

1. Inspect The Roof For Defects Before Getting On The Roof

With tile roofs, damage can cause tiles to work loose and slip out beneath your feet. Before you get on a roof, it is important to look at the roof for any noticeable defects such as a tile that is working loose or not in line with adjacent tiles. When working on the roof, you will want to avoid stepping on these areas before any repairs are done. If there is a lot of damage on the roof, you should call a roofing tile repair service to repair the roof before you do any work on the roof.

2. Use Appropriate Fall Protection Equipment

It's also important to wear the appropriate fall protection equipment when working on a tile roof. This should be an OSHA certified harness and all the connections and ropes. You can get these harnesses at any home improvement store that sells roofing equipment. If you do not want to purchase this gear, sometimes it is available for rent at tool rental services. You may want to have your own equipment if you do a lot of maintenance and repairs to your home on your own.

3. Never Work On The Roof Alone 

It is important to always have a helping hand when doing repairs to your roof. Having another person can be a lifesaver if something goes wrong. They can also help with holding ropes and setting up harnesses and fall protection equipment. If you do work on the roof alone, make sure that somebody knows that you are doing the work.

4. Use A Solid Anchoring Point For Safety Ropes Or Cords

When working on the roof, you will want to use safety ropes, which need to be anchored to a solid object, such as column on a porch. It is important to not anchor the ropes to things like loose roof tiles or things like TV antennas mounted on the roof. These objects can easily come loose and cause your fall protection equipment to fail.

These are some things that you can do to be safe when you are working on your tile roof. If your roof needs extensive roof tile repairs, you may want to contact a professional roofing contractor like Scurrah's Roofing to do the repairs for you in a safe way. You can also ask them to give you a quick lesson in roof safety while they are doing repairs to your home.