Four Problem Tree Species That You May Want To Have Removed From Your Property

Trees can be a very valuable addition to your home; they can provide green space, shade and many other benefits to your property. Some trees can also cause problems, which can be due to fire hazards in dry climates, invasive species and other species that you may want to have removed. Some trees you may just want to have pruned and cared for, but there are some that the best solution is to have them removed. Here are four species of trees you will want to remove and the problems that they can cause:

1. Tall Pine Trees With Shallow Root Systems

Pine trees are very tall evergreens that will provide green all year, but when they are too close to the home, they can be very dangerous. This is because pines have very shallow root systems. The shallow roots make these trees very vulnerable to wind and storm damage.  These trees can look good in landscaping, but when they are a safe distance from property. Any tall pines that are too close to your home can be removed and replanted with different species of trees or plants.

2. Problems With Poplars For People With Allergies And Septic Systems

Poplars are another species of tree that can cause problems. If you are a person with many allergies, these trees can cause problems in the spring and summer. They also grow very quick and have extensive root systems, which can be a problem if your home has a septic system, which the root system can damage if the tree is too close to the septic system.

3. Trees That Cause Fire Hazards In Dry Climates

Some trees can also be a problem if you live in a dry climate. There are species of trees that have cotton-like seeds and are high in oil content. A common invasive species that is a fire hazard is the eucalyptus tree, which has a high oil content and grows in dense forested areas. The oil from the tree can cause a brush fire to spread rapidly, which is why this is not an ideal tree to have near any property.

4. The Dangers Of Tall Spruce And Fir Near Your Home

Tall spruce, fir and other evergreens can also be a problem when they are too close to your home. These trees have large branches in the canopies, which can fall and cause injury or damage property. These trees also have the danger of falling on property. It is best to have these trees a safe distance from your home where they will not fall on people or property.

These are some of the species of trees that can be problem for your home. You may want to have these trees removed from your property, which you can contact a tree removal contractor (such as one from Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service) to get help with the removal of problem trees and care for the trees you want to keep on your property.