Beyond Curb Appeal: Why It Pays To Keep Your Roof Clean

Many people wash their roofs to keep them clean, which is good because it increases curb appeal and may even increase the value of a house. However, aesthetic appeal isn't the only reason for regularly washing your roof.  Keeping your roof clean goes a long way in:

Boosting Energy Efficiency

If your roof is dirty, then it is likely covered with algae and other growths. Such growths, especially black algae, have high heat retention capacities. They absorb the heat from the sun and heats up your roof, insulation ductwork and other parts of your home. The result is that your heating system has to work extra hard to maintaining your interior temperature. Obviously, you will have to contend with higher energy bills.

Increasing Roof Durability

Do you want your roof to last for as long as possible? Cleaning your roof may not make it last forever, but it can prevent it from premature damage.  Too much debris on your roof traps heat and overheats your roof structures. Apart from that, they also create a moist environment on your roof. The combination of dampness and high temperatures increase the rate of decay of many roof materials such as metal and wood.

Making Your Home Healthy

As hinted above, if your roof is dirty, then it is probably inhabited by different fungus, and mold is one of them. Some forms of mold can be very toxic, inducing allergic reactions such as a runny nose, itchy throat and watery eyes. Children, the elderly, asthma patients are some of the people most susceptible to mold-induced allergy. When you clean your roof, you get rid of the mold too and make your home a safer place.

Keeping Roof Repair at Bay

A dirty roof traps moisture, and moisture is the number one precursor to roof damage. For example, when the water gets into the hairline cracks on your roof, it can freeze when the temperatures get too low. Freezing water expands and enlarges the cracks further. More water gets into the cracks, freezes, and the whole cycle is repeated. Over time, your roof will start leaking, and you are likely to need an expensive roof repair.

While it is necessary to keep your roof cleaning, it isn't advisable to pressure wash it regularly. Pressure washing will get rid of the dirt, but it may also fade your roof's vibrant color, remove granules from your shingles and even force water under shingles or into roof cracks. Some roofs are more susceptible to pressure-washing damage than others, talk to a roofing contractor (such as one from Pasco Roofing) about the best washing method for your roof.