Don’t Waste Money With Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

Like with everything else, there is a less expensive and more expensive way to deal with asphalt pavement. Taking better care of your pavement and recycling used asphalt will keep your maintenance costs lower.

Apply Two Coats of Sealant

Rather than apply one coat of sealant, apply two. Two coats of sealant will last much longer than one coat. While it might seem like one coat will save you money, you will lose money when your asphalt does not last as long.

Use Thick Asphalt

Make sure the asphalt is thicker where you need it. If there is a part of your property that will be driven on more often, you will need the asphalt to be thicker on that part of the property. Otherwise, the asphalt will crack sooner.

Correct Oil Leaks

Vehicles that have excessive oil leaks can cause oil spots on your driveway. You will want to treat these early to keep the oil from unraveling the asphalt, which would lead to the formation of a pothole. Oil spot primers can keep the oil from seeping and this can ensure that the oil does not cause a pothole to form.

Recycle Old Asphalt

Old asphalt can be reused to create new asphalt that can then be used to pave a driveway. The reclaimed asphalt is just as useful as new asphalt, but it is much less expensive and is better for the environment. Asphalt paving can use mixes that are as much as 50% recycled. Also, if you are recycling your own asphalt, you will not have to spend money to have the old asphalt transported to a landfill.

Perform Maintenance Frequently

If you perform preventative maintenance at the right intervals, you will be able to keep your costs down. Make sure to add sealants to the asphalt at least three times over the course of 25 years. It is much more expensive to only perform repairs on the pavement after it has become damaged and it is even more expensive to completely rebuild the road.

Maintain a Smooth Surface

Having a nice, smooth asphalt surface can save you money in other ways as well. Asphalt reduces fuel consumption for your vehicle and also reduces the amount of wear and tear that your vehicle experiences, which can save you money in the long-term.

Reduce Moisture

To reduce the amount of wear and tear, reduce how much moisture the asphalt is exposed to. While you often cannot control this, if there is something wrong with your irrigation, correct this problem and your asphalt will last longer.

Hire an Experienced Contractor

Asphalt should only be added by a trained and licensed contractor like Hal's Construction Inc. When asphalt is laid by someone who is not experienced, it is more likely that defects will be introduced into the final product, which will lead to the asphalt needing to be repaired.