Are You Renovating A Beach Bungalow?

Have you recently bought a previously owned bungalow at the beach, or are you renovating one you already have? Either way, there are steps that will make the job easier for you, and you will end up with a darling place to live or to visit.

The Inside - Look through decorating magazines to get ideas, and make a file of those you like best.

  • Start with the walls. When you select the color for your paint, consider using light shades of blue, green or yellow. Another good choice would be off-white.  Any of those choices would go well with the decor you select.
  • If you're wanting an easy care floor, consider concrete. That will be especially easy when you'll have the problem of people tracking sand in from the beach. You can just sweep up the sand and send it through the back door! If you want something really special, get somebody to do faux painting on the concrete. You can get the look of wood, tile, brick, or almost anything else your mind can imagine.
  • When you select the furniture, consider using rattan, wicker or rustic wood, as all of those lend themselves to beach living. Remember that people will be coming in with wet swimming suits, so choose fabric that can take a lot of wear.

The Outside - One great thing about having a beach house is that it doesn't have to look perfect. In fact, a rustic look can be very charming!

  • Consider using concrete for your front porch, too. Wood is more typical at the beach, but it needs to be treated and it can warp and splinter,  Choosing concrete means that you'll be able to simply hose off the front porch and it will look great. Consider keeping the hose in a decorative planter that is especially designed to hold hoses.
  • A darling touch for the front porch would be to hang a swing or a hammock. Also, have a cute shelf where people can stow their flip flops and a long rope where wet beach towels can be hung.
  • Consider decorating with potted ferns and small palm trees. Hang wind chimes made of shells and baskets full of flowering plants in them, too.

The Windows - Of course, windows address both the inside and the outside of the house, and it's really important to have the right ones. While windows add light, warmth and ventilation, the wrong ones also detract from the efficiency of your bungalow's energy. 

  • Today's technology in glazing and glass has become very advanced. Selecting energy efficient windows won't just make your bungalow a more comfortable place to live, it will also save you money on your utility bills.
  • Awning, casement and hopper windows are all excellent choices because they press against the frame of the window which results in less air leakage.
  • Your window dealer can help you in the selection of your windows, depending on the orientation and design of your bungalow. Consider frames that have a rustic look to them, as that will add to the beach decor.

Contact local contractors, such as Ideal Window & Door Supply, to install your new windows for you.

Good job on getting your beach bungalow ready for some fun times!