Cleaning Up After An Unwelcome Discovery: Hidden Water Damage In Your New Home

Anyone buying a new home knows they need to get the structure inspected, but that doesn't always guarantee that the inspection will be as thorough as needed. If you've just bought a home and thought it was fine based on the inspection -- only to find that there was hidden water damage that the inspector missed -- you may be feeling very down. But, no worries; there is always a solution. Calling in a good water damage restoration company to take a closer look is one of the first steps.

Should Have Been Found

Home inspectors are supposed to find anything and everything that is wrong with a home. From leaky pipes to walls constructed outside current building codes, the inspector should be able to spot any problems. But, they don't always do so. Sometimes it's merely because the problem is so well hidden that no one can see it until major remodeling work begins and lets workers see inside the home's walls. Other times, it does have to do with the skill of the inspector.

Get the Damage Inspected

Your immediate steps should be to call a real estate attorney and your real estate agent to discuss compensation. But, as far as the home itself goes, have a water damage company, like Wetherington Restoration & Remodeling Inc, look at the extent and age of the damage. If the damage is current -- maybe a pipe is actively leaking -- the company can try to fix the fresh damage and save the walls, floor, or other affected areas.

If the damage is older, and especially if it is widespread, then the company can advise you on what to do next. Ruined drywall might have to be replaced, although the restoration company might be able to take care of it themselves depending on what has to be replaced, for example. If there is mold damage, the water damage restoration company can try to remove it and disinfect the affected material, or the workers can remove the affected materials completely. If you find a company that can do mold remediation, you might not have to get any other contractors involved in the repairs, which makes the process a lot easier.

Don't Assume All Is Lost

Dealing with hidden water damage is not something any new homeowner wants to do, and it can seem like too much to handle at times. Keep in mind that it is all fixable. It may take time, and it may require that things be replaced. But, you will eventually have a very livable home again that does not show signs of water damage.

If you think you've found water damage in your new home that was not spotted during the inspection before you purchased the place, please call a water damage restoration company now. Do not let the damage sit because it could get worse as it ages or as the water continues to leak.