4 Reasons Why Your Car Window May Be Stuck Half Open

If you have attempted to shut your car window only to have it suddenly stop in the middle of closing, there are many things that could be causing the problem. It is important to get the problem solved as soon as possible to cut down on the chances of someone being able to get into your car without your permission or the interior of your car being ruined from rain or snow. The following guide walks you through a few possible reasons your window is stuck.

Blown Fuse

If you try to operate the window and the motor of the window system does not engage at all, you may have a blown fuse. If you look in the manual for your car, there should be a fuse guide that allows you to know which fuse operates the windows in your car. You can purchase a new fuse at an auto parts store and replace the fuse yourself with ease.

Disconnected Wiring

There are wires that connect the motor to the window system to the fuse panel. If the wiring comes loose or disconnected, the motor will not be able to get the power it needs to be able to operate the window system. The entire door panel will need to be taken apart in order to gain access to the wiring, so it is best to have a professional mechanic handle any possible wiring issues in your car.

Glass off Track

Window systems operate by moving the glass up and down inside of the door on a track. If the glass slips off of the track, it will fall between the door and the window operating system. A mechanic can take apart the door panel, slide the glass back onto the track, and put the door back together to allow the window to open and shut properly.

Damaged Motor

The window system in a car door has a motor powering it. The motor causes the system to push the window up and down on the track. If the motor is not working properly, the entire system will not work the way it is intended to work. A mechanic can replace the motor in a window system with ease so that it can operate properly.

A trained mechanic will be able to figure out what is wrong with the window very quickly. They can then make any repairs that need to be made within a matter of minutes so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible. If the glass itself on your car is actually broken, contact a company like X-Treme Auto Glass.