How Fire Doors Provide Your Home With An Extra Layer Of Fire Protection

If you want to make your home fire safe, instead of installing regular wooden doors inside of your home, consider installing or upgrading to fire safe doors. Fire safe doors provide an added layer of protection and will keep you and your family safe if your home were to ever catch on fire. Here is a quick overview of how interior fire safe doors will keep your family safe.

Fire Safe Doors Can Withstand High Temperatures

Your average wooden door is going to quickly give in to a fire inside of your house. Wood burns easily, and wooden doors are no exception. Although your wood doors may keep the fire at bay for a while, they are going to eventually catch fire themselves.

Fire safe doors, on the other hand, are made to withstand high temperatures and hot heat. Fire safe doors are generally made out of materials that have extremely high melting points. That means they can be exposed to a very intense fire for a long period of time without catching fire themselves and without becoming compromised. If a fire breaks out in your house, and you are not able to get out, you can stay inside of any rooms in your home with a fire safe door until the fire departments arrives and escorts you to safety. 

Fire Safe Doors Can Keep Out Smoke

Your average interior door is going to have space around it. You may have a couple inch gap between your door and your floor, and you probably have space around the other sides of your door as well. The downside to all that space is that, in the event of a fire, smoke can easily make its way under your door and into your bedroom while you are sleeping. Smoke can be even more deadly than the fire that creates it, and needs to be taken just as seriously. 

The best way to keep your bedrooms safe at night, and to create multiple fire-safe rooms in your house, is to install fire safe doors. All fire safe doors have smoke seals around them. These smoke seals ensure that when you close an interior door, it is completely sealed. There is no room for smoke to creep its way into any room with a fire safe door.

If a fire breaks out in your home when you are asleep, and you don't hear your fire alarm go off, your fire safe doors will protect you from the smoke and the fire. You will be safe until you are rescued. If you are awake when a fire breaks out in your home, you can go into a room with a fire safe door and shut it. This will protect you from the fire and will allow you additional time to escape out the window if you are on the ground floor. If you are on the second or third floor of your home, a fire safe door will keep you safe until the fire department can get a ladder to your location and help you escape. 

If you really want to keep your family safe, you should consider installing or upgrading to fire safe doors within your house. It will not take you very much time to install fire safe doors, and it will provide your house with long-term passive fire protection. Fire doors are not just for businesses; they can be used to keep your family safe as well. 

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