5 Ways To Maintain Your Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are an important safety feature in any home or business. Fire sprinklers can save lives, belongings, and property. Your fire sprinkler system needs to be in the best shape possible if a fire happens. Here are the top five ways to maintain your fire sprinklers:

1. Prepare for winter

The pipes leading to your fire sprinklers can freeze when temperatures drop, just like other pipes in your home. Make sure your fire sprinkler system is ready for winter. Wrap the pipes leading to the system with insulation sleeves or tape.

2. Check the valves

Make sure all the valves of the system are operational. Turn the valves to ensure the system receives an adequate water supply. While you are testing the valves, some water may drip due to a lack of use, but this is normal. Before you test the valves, check for signs of leaks or drips. It's very important that you check the alarm valves and make sure they aren't leaking.

3. Read the gauges

Sprinkler systems have gauges that let you know what the air or water pressure is inside the pipes. The manual for your system will tell you what the proper reading is. Check these gauges to make sure the system is getting enough air or water. A low reading indicates that the sprinklers are at risk of malfunctioning if a fire occurs since there won't be enough air or water getting to the sprinklers. You should also inspect the gauges for cracks or rust.

4. Test the alarm bell

Notify your home security system company as well as your local fire department before conducting this test. To test your alarm bell, locate your system's test valve for the alarm. It may be labeled. If not, your system's manual will show you the location of the test valve. Slowly open the valve and let water run through. The alarm will sound. Let the water run between one to two minutes. The water should remain at a steady trickle and the alarm should be continuous.

5. Clear the area around the sprinklers

Once a week, you should check the area around your sprinklers for anything that might block them. Sprinklers need at least 18 inches of clearance to adequately detect high temperatures and extinguish a fire. If there are objects hanging from the sprinklers, remove them. Make sure there are no pictures, plants, or tall furniture near the sprinklers. Even small things can obstruct your sprinklers. Wipe the sprinkler heads to remove dust, bugs, rust, or paint.

Your fire sprinklers need proper maintenance and care in case of a fire. These maintenance tips will ensure that your system is able to do its job and help protect your family.