Before You Build: Benefits Of Land Surveying

When you're in the planning phase of a construction project, there are a few good reasons to get a land surveyor to assess your property. Here are some of the best benefits of land surveying for new construction projects. 

Know Your Building Boundaries

When you're planning your property, a few feet of difference on your property line can make a difference. Especially for property features that will hit the boundaries of your property, such as fences and foliage, you'll want to make sure that you're not stepping over the line while planning and building. The problem is, your property might not be as perfectly squared out as you think. Property lines may cover uneven surfaces, and that corner that you thought was yours might actually belong to a neighbor. Land surveying ahead of time can save you a lot of money; you can catch these errors in the planning stage before you begin to build. 

Know When Neighbors Have Crossed Boundaries

You may also be able to get a few feet of extra space on your property through a land survey. Even if your neighbors have built a feature on the land and you discover it's actually part of your property, you can consider some property rights such as easement to leverage your land. For instance, you might allow your neighbor to keep their features but, in exchange, you can build a tree that overhangs on part of their property. 

Learn About Underground Features

Underground pipes and electrical wires can be a major building challenge, especially if you run into them unexpectedly while building. A deeper survey can uncover the utilities under your property, so that you can avoid them while building. You may need a utility survey specialist for this part of the examination. 

Learn About Your Community Features

Finally, you'll want to map out which community features, such as sidewalks and trees, fall on your property. You may have some responsibility in protecting these assets, so you could plan a watering system or sidewalk protection for these areas. 

Many property owners wait to get a land survey until a problem arises. This is not the best idea because it can create delays in the process of protecting your property rights. If you know about the features of your property ahead of time, you can make sure to do your due diligence in protecting community features and using your property responsibly. If you're looking for a land surveying company, visit DC Gohn Associates Inc Surveyors & Engineers.