DIY Prep Steps To Save You Money On Your Septic Tank Installation

Even though you might be quite the do-it-yourselfer, even you probably already know that a big project like a septic tank installation is a job that is better left up to the professionals. However, there are some DIY prep steps that you can take before your septic tank is installed so that you can save as much on your project as possible. Taking a few steps on your own now can help you save hundreds of dollars on your project and can be well worth the time.

Clear the Land

If you have a general idea of where your septic tank will be installed, it's a good idea to go ahead and clear the land so that it is ready for digging. Although septic tank installation companies generally have the equipment and manpower to clear the land for you, you can expect to pay for this cost. Take the time to clear away any unwanted bushes and other things that might get in the way in the area where your septic tank will be put in.

Buy Your Own Gravel

You will need to use gravel to create trenches that will be used as for septic soil absorption. The septic tank installation company will bring out the gravel for you without a problem, but a good option is to take your pickup truck -- if you have one -- to a local gravel yard to pick up a load. Buying your gravel by the truckload is pretty cheap if you are doing the loading and hauling yourself, so it's a good way to save money on your project. Just place it alongside where your septic tank will be installed so that your installation company can spread it around as needed.

Handle Your Own Permits

You will be required by your local jurisdiction to have certain permits before the job is even done. Your contractor should handle this for you if needed, but stopping by your local building code office to pick up the permit yourself can save you on labor charges while ensuring that you are covered for your project.

As you can see, these are some DIY prep steps that you can take yourself before having your septic tank installed. Then, you can save a little bit on your installation and get involved yourself, but you can still leave the tough stuff up to the professionals. For more advice and tips, talk with an installation contractor like Schlegelmilch Plumbing & Well Drilling.