Why Storm Windows Are Great In All Homes

Many people think that storm windows are only necessary for homes in regions where natural disasters and severe weather are common. In reality, storm windows are extremely useful for any home. This article will explain the features of storm windows and explain their many benefits. You might decide that storm window fixtures are the best solution for your home.

What are Storm Windows?

First of all, storm windows essentially look exactly the same as normal windows. Storm windows can be constructed out of many materials. The most common and practical materials are vinyl and fiberglass. The distinguishing feature is not the material itself, but rather the insulation and thickness. Thicker frames are obviously stronger so they can withstand greater impact. Another great feature of storm windows is the use of tempered glass panes. This is specially treated glass that does not break easily. When it does break, it breaks into round pebbles (like auto glass) that aren't as sharp as normal glass shards. Storm windows also have thicker weatherproofing along the sashes of movable windows. This weatherproofing, not only prevents heat transfer, it is also meant to ensure that the frame is waterproof in the case of flooding.

Why are Storm Windows Great for All Climates?

Even homeowners who live in a mild California climates will enjoy the benefits of storm windows. The thicker frame in a storm window makes it much more insulating. Your home will stay warmer in the winter and remain cool on hotter summer days. This reduced heat transfer will make your home more comfortable without having to run up your electricity bill while using your heater or AC. This is probably the most common factor in a homeowner's decision to invest in storm windows.

There are also some other great benefits of owning storm windows. The thicker sashes are also conveniently more sound-proof than normal frames. This is great if you live on a busy street or in a loud neighborhood. The tight seal on movable storm windows also means that you don't have to worry about water leaking. This is great if you live in a wet climate, but also convenient because it allows you to spray down your window with a hose for a quick cleaning.

As you can imagine, storm windows will cost more than normal replacement windows. However, the extra investment is well worth it if you plan on staying at your address for many years. The added energy efficiency of your home will eventually save you money.