Well Pumps And Water Supply: What To Look For If You Have No Water

Having a private well can save money on your water bill and provide a constant supply of fresh water to your home. When your faucets spout or trickle water, you may have a problem with your well pump. There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem before calling in a professional. Here are just a few things that can lead to well pump issues.


The first thing you should check is the power supply to your well pump. The breaker that supplies power to the pump may have been tripped, which means you simply need to flip the breaker off and back on. If this fails to restore power to the pump, you may want to call a contractor to inspect the power supply. Another issue that leads to power failure is having the wrong voltage supply for the pump. Be sure that the pump is connected to a power supply that delivers the right amount of voltage to your pump. An electrician or plumber can correct this issue for you.

Drought Conditions

Droughts can have an effect on your well pump's performance. The water level in your well may have dipped below the pump's location, which can lead to reduced water being supplied to your home. Muddy or dirty water may be a sign that your pump is below the water level in the well. If you experience this issue and you have not experienced a long stretch of dry weather, your pump may have been placed at the wrong level. Your contractor can re-install the pump at the proper level to deliver water to your home.

Pump Size

There are different sizes of well pumps available, and you may not have the right size for your home's water usage. Large homes or properties on farms may require higher volumes of water delivery that necessitate a larger, more powerful pump. If your pump is not powerful enough to meet the demands of your home's water usage, you may experience issues with water delivery. Talk to your contractor to determine if your pump is the right size for your home.

If you aren't comfortable inspecting your well pump or power supply on your own, be sure to call an expert contractor who can troubleshoot and repair the device for you. This will ensure your safety while restoring the supply of fresh, drinkable water to your home. Contact a business, such as Down Right Drilling & Pump Inc. for more information.