Should You Get A Single- Or Double-Chamber Septic Tank?

When you are building a new house that is off the city sewer system, you still have to have some way to get rid of all your waste water. Most people usually choose to use a septic system. If you are going to use a septic system, there are a couple of different kinds of tanks that you can use in your yard. 

Single-Chamber Septic Tank

In a single-chamber tank, everything happens in just one tank. When the water and solids go into the single tank, the anaerobic bacteria start to eat the solids. The waste then turns into a sludge that rests on the bottom of the chamber. After the waste water has been in the chamber for a while, the water leaves the chamber and moves out into the leech field in order to finish the purification process. The sludge is left in the bottom of the septic tank. 

Eventually, the sludge builds up and takes up a lot of room, making it harder for any more waste water to enter the tank. When that happens, you will need to have the tank pumped out so that you will have room in the tank for more waste water. 

Double-Chamber Septic Tank

A double-chamber tank mostly works in the same way as a single tank does. However, instead of the water going straight from the original tank into the leech field, the waste water, minus the majority of the solids, goes into the secondary chamber. In that chamber, the water goes through an additional purification process. Any solids left in the water, which should be very minimal and small, will settle down into the bottom of the second chamber. Eventually, the water will leave the tank and move out into the leech field. 

A double chamber septic tank has the benefit of being able to hold more waste water before it will need to be pumped. The water will also be cleaner when it goes into the leech field, meaning it will purify quicker. 

A septic tank allows you have a way to dispose of the waste water generated at your home if you aren't connected to a sewer system. As long as you take care of the septic tank properly, making sure that it's pumped out regularly and that nothing harmful gets put into tank, your septic tank should last for many years and serve you well. Contact a company like Rhode Island Septic Service to learn more.