Tips For Refinishing Your Businesses’ Wood Fence

One of the most important parts of owning a business is maintaining a good appearance. With one of the first things your customers see being the exterior of your building, it's important that every aspect is maintained and in good condition. This includes any wood fencing you have surrounding your property. The material does require some work to keep it in good shape, but it all can be done on your own. Here are some tips for refinishing wood fencing.


Most of your time will be spent doing the preparation than anything else, and it is a crucial part of the job that you should not skip, since it will help the paint stay on the wood. Start by removing all of the old paint on the wood fencing. You can do this with a heat gun and scraper to make the job easy. Simply heat up the fence until the paint starts to peel and then scrape it off.

Follow up the paint stripping by using a power sander. Since it's an exterior fence, it doesn't have to be completely smooth. After all, most wood fencing material is made with an unfinished or rough texture. Your goal will be to smooth out problem areas, remove the old paint, and prepare it for the new paint by having the same level of roughness across all the material. The roughness of the wood will affect how the paint absorbs into the wood, which is why it should be as even as possible to maintain a consistent color.


You can paint a fence using traditional rollers and brushes or a paint spray gun. Keep in mind that a paint spray gun can create overspray, which may not make it an option if you have customers nearby when painting.

When it comes to paint selection, you should use a thicker paint if you do not plan on repainting your fence for a while. It will provide the wood with more protection over a longer period of time. A thin paint will be fine too, but only if you plan on doing maintenance on the fence again sooner rather than later.

If this seems like a lot of work that you don't have time for, it may be a job to have a professional do for you. A fencing contractor can take a look at your fence to give you an estimate for how much it will cost to refinish. If the fence is beyond repair and needs replacement, they can also discuss the costs for installing a new fence for your business.

Check out the site of a fence company for more information.