3 Tips For Choosing Paint For Your Child’s Bedroom

If you are currently looking for a paint option for your child's bedroom, you might be overwhelmed by the many choices that are out there. Taking the time to pick the right paint now can save you a lot of trouble later, however, so consider these three tips to help you choose the perfect paint.

1. Choose a Color That Will Grow With Your Child

The first mistake that many parents make when choosing paint for their children's rooms is choosing a color that is too "babyish." While your child is young, you might like the idea of pretty pastels or bright, bold primary colors. However, even though they might be a good fit right now, your child could grow out of these colors quickly. Kids grow up fast, and their tastes change constantly over the years. This means you may want to choose a more neutral color for the walls; then, you can use colorful decorative accents to add color.

2. Avoid White and Super-Light Shades

Even though neutral colors are a good idea, you will probably want to avoid white and really light shades, such as light tan. This is because these colors can show scuff marks and messes easily, while a darker color might not show the smudges, scuffs, fingerprints and other imperfections that can be common in a child's bedroom.

3. Choose a Paint That Can Be Easily Cleaned

Along with choosing the right color, you will also need to choose the right finish for your child's room. Even though many people suggest to use flat paint in a bedroom, it might not be the best choice for a child's bedroom. This is because flat paint can be very hard to clean. Instead, you'll want to choose a satin or eggshell finish. These finishes aren't quite as shiny as a glossy or semi-gloss paint -- which would show off too many imperfections in the walls and make the walls appear very bright -- but they are shinier than a flat paint and can be easily cleaned. This means that you can put in some elbow grease to get rid of any messes that your child might make on the walls.

As you can see, there are a few things that you should look at when choosing the right paint for your child's bedroom. Consider these three things, and you're sure to be pleased with the paint that you end up purchasing.

Speak with an interior painting service if you need more help.