Important Reasons For Homeowners To Have Their Sewer Lines Cleaned

Have you recently purchased an older home? Have you had the sewer line completely inspected and cleaned out before your planned move-in date? Even though your sewer line is a vital part of your home, many people give little to no thought to its daily existence. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems later. Here are some reasons why you should consider having a plumber come out to inspect and clean your sewer line:

Decaying pipes: Over the years, pipes have been made from a variety of materials. These days, the most popular pipe material is probably PVC. But there have also been pipes made out of less durable materials, such as iron or clay. If your sewer line was installed or last replaced between approximately 1940 and 1972, you could even have pipes made out of cardboard. Called Orangeburg piping, these pipes were made out of a cardboard that was then infused with tar. Fortunately for you, these pipes can last 50 years. Unfortunately for you, this means that even the newest Orangeburg pipes are due to be replaced soon. Being made out of cardboard, they're also more prone to damage than other pipe materials. The only way to tell if you have Orangeburg or some other type of pipes is for a plumber to perform a complete sewer cleaning and an inspection with a fiber optic camera. 

Bellied pipe: After installation, the soil around a sewer pipe can sometimes shift and cause a sag underneath the sewer pipe. The pipe itself may be new and in otherwise good condition, except for the sagging part. This sagging can then cause clogs as solids build up in the sagging area. A sewer cleaning can remove these solids and identify which part of the pipe needs to be remedied. If you don't have the money to repair or replace the bellied section, a cleaning can give you extra time to raise the money for the repair.

Clogged line: People don't always pay attention to what they should and should not flush down the drain. If the previous homeowner had a baby, they may have flushed one or more wipes down the toilet, accidentally or otherwise. They may not have known that their so-called flushable wipes can actually cause sewer clogs. Although there may not be any obvious external signs of a clog right now, only a complete sewer cleaning can ensure that no wipes are gathering sewage solids after having gotten snagged on the inside of your sewer line. Without a cleaning, a minor clog now could turn into a hefty plumbing bill later.