Don’t Leave Behind Water: The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Water Damage Company

Even a small amount of water can wreak havoc on your home if it is left standing long enough. If you have a flooded basement, for example, the water can seep into walls and ruin and belongings that you may have stored down there. If your basement is finished and used as living space, the water can ruin everything and cause the need for a complete renovation of the space. If you have significant water in your basement and you don't have the tools to remove the water effectively, it's time to contact a professional water damage company to come and assess the situation for you.

Water Seeps In Places You Won't Consider

A water damage company has the experience necessary to find water in all of the cracks and crevices throughout your basement. While you may be able to get rid of most of your standing water using a standard shop-vac, you won't have the suction power you need to reach deep into cracks or channels in your floor and under baseboards. If the water level is more than several inches, it will take you forever to remove all of the water and it is best left up to a company that can get the water out of your basement fast.

Industrial Fans Are Necessary to Remove Excess Water

When your basement is water damaged, you will need powerful fans placed in the basement to remove excess water that wasn't picked up by a shop-vac or similar machine. The box fan in your window just isn't going to provide enough power. You need to dry out your basement using strong, industrial fans that will get the last bits of water and remove moisture from the walls, ceiling and air. 

When Water Removal Isn't Enough

Sometimes the walls, ceilings or floors in your flooded basement will be too damaged, even after the water has been removed. If the water was there for an extended period of time, there could be mold and mildew growth. Walls that get soaked with water will lose their structural integrity once they dry out. If you were away and the flooding lasted more than a day or two, it's necessary to call a professional water damage company to determine the extent of the damage to your property.

With a careful inspection, a professional damage control technician will be able to assess your situation and determine a plan of action to take care of all of the water damage. Click for more info.