Four Steps That Are Crucial When Having an Addition Built onto Your Home

When you have an addition built onto your home, there are many different steps that must be taken. The average homeowner does not know what all the steps are, and failing to follow any of the steps can result in the addition being deemed illegal, meaning you will be forced to take the addition down. A licensed contractor will know all the steps that need to be taken and will be able to take them all in the order they must be taken in to ensure that the structure is built to code. The guide below provides you with an overview of the different steps the contractor will have to take during the building process.

Have a Blueprint Created for the Build

Before the contractor can start any work on the addition, he or she must have a blueprint created for the work that he or she plans to do. The blueprint must detail specific information about the electrical layout, window placement, and door placement in the addition. Blueprints are often created by architects to ensure all dimensions are accurate.

Get Permission to Do the Build

The contractor must then take the blueprints to the local building-permit office to get permission to do the build. The blueprint will be examined closely, and any issues that are found must be addressed before the contractor will be approved for the building permit. Failure to have a building permit before starting the build is illegal.

Have the Build Inspected Along the Way

As the building process starts, many different elements will need to be inspected before the entire build can get underway. The foundation will need to be inspected before framing can start to ensure that the addition will have a solid foundation. Electrical and plumbing fixtures will need to be inspected before drywall can be hung.

Have a Final Inspection Done

Before the build can be deemed complete, a final inspection must be done. The inspector will check to make sure that everything works properly, that the addition is built to code, and that it is safe for use.

Upon passing the final inspection, the addition will be ready to use. If you ever go to sell your home, you may need to show the paperwork stating that the addition was done legally and passed inspection so that the new homeowners know that you followed the necessary procedure to have the addition built properly.

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