A Quick Look At Having A Tree Removed From Your Property

Removing a beautiful, old tree from your yard can be a heartbreaking decision. Like anything else that's living, trees grow old and begin to decline. Whether it's due to age, a disease, or storm damage, if a tree is a hazard on your property, it needs to come down. Removing a tree from a city lot is often tricky since there isn't much room to work and if the tree topples, it could cause property damage. Therefore, the tree is usually cut away piece by piece. Here's an overview of the process:

Bushy Branches May Be Removed First

The tree service may begin by aggressively cutting away bushy branches. This gets leaves out of the way and makes more room for the crew to work. The branches may be immediately tossed into a huge chipper and ground on the spot, or the crew may pile them in your yard and haul them away later.

Heavy Machinery Is Brought In

When the tough work begins, one or more of the workers climb up the tree to start sawing off the big limbs. The limbs aren't allowed to fall to the ground. Instead, they are controlled with chains and heavy machinery that carries them to the curb. The limbs are cut in fairly small pieces, but the chunks are still large when they come from a big tree. These chunks are often too big for a mobile chipper, so they may sit in your yard until they can be hauled away later. The tree is cut down bit by bit with saws until all that is left is a stump.

Dealing With The Stump

A stump of a mature tree is very difficult to get out of the ground. If the stump is in a back or side yard, you may want to let it decay naturally and save some money. If the stump is in the front yard, it will be an eyesore if it isn't removed. The tree service may not offer stump removal. If not, you may need to hire another contractor that provides stump grinding services. Grinding away a stump is the best way to get rid of it. The grinding removes the stump well below the soil line so it completely disappears. It is a much easier process that pulling out a stump and disposing of it elsewhere.

Once the tree parts are out of your yard and the stump is ground to sawdust, you can place sod over the area where your tree was or plant flowers and plants there. You may even want to put in a new tree that will one day be as big and beautiful as the one you lost.

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