The Advantages Of Wood Hybrid Panels

Wood hybrid garage panels are definitely one of the most stylish and practical choices for residential garages. That is, garage panels that are just made out of wood aren't very practical or long-lasting. On the other hand, garage panels that are just made out of synthetic materials like vinyl, just aren't that stylish. So, homeowners will be glad to enjoy the style and practicality of hybrid panels. This article explains exactly what hybrid panels are, and what makes them ideal.

On a hybrid panel, the frame is usually made out of a strong but lightweight material like vinyl. This helps to maintain the structure, strength, and straightness of the panel. Garage doors that are only made out of wood end up being flimsy and flexible, especially as they age and the wood gets weakened or swollen. Simply put, all-wood garage panels aren't very practical to own.

Hybrid Panels

Hybrid panels have a thin veneer of real hardwood applied on top of the vinyl. So, when your garage is closed, all you can see is the hardwood, not the vinyl. Of course, from inside your garage, you'll see the vinyl.

More Insulation

The hybrid design is not only more structurally sound, but it also provides great insulation. The layer between the hardwood and vinyl panels creates an energy efficient buffer that reduces heat loss. Homeowners who spend a lot of time in their garage will definitely appreciate having some more insulation on the panels.

Maintaining Wooden Panels

It is important to point out that any hardwood garage panel, whether it is hybrid or not, will need some care over the years. To protect your wood from moisture, and ensure the grains don't become warped or split over time, you need to keep the wood sealed with a waterproof stain. You might have to do this every few years if you live somewhere extremely rainy and snowy, or if your garage is always under direct sunlight. To many, it is well worth having to do a little bit of maintenance in order to maintain a stylish and unique hardwood garage door.

Wooden panels offer a style that can't be beaten. You can apply matching custom stain or paint finishes to your wooden panels, window frames, fascia boards, fences, and other features around your home. This makes it much more fun and rewarding to own wooden panels compared to other synthetic materials. Click here to read more about choosing a garage door service.