The Importance Of Water Softeners For Business

When water falls off as rain, it is "soft" or free from any minerals. As it flows through rocks, sand, and soil underground, it picks up minerals. Hard water contains high volumes of mineral salts, including calcium and magnesium. Using hard water for your business can cause damage to the equipment and be unpleasant for consumers.  Below is why water treatment systems are important for your business.

Water Spots and Lime Scale

The solidified mineral salts in hard water are known as "water spots." Water spots are stains that you see in your restaurant plates when you use hard water in your dishwasher. Limescale also appears in baths, showers, sinks, and toilets of the hotel you manage or own. If you use water softener systems, you do not need to spend lots of money buying bleach-based cleaners for your dishes or acid-based cleaners for baths, showers, sink, or toilets. Through a water softener system, you can save money and avoid exposing your customers and staff to these toxic chemicals.

Damage to Pipes

Solidified minerals in hard water can also accumulate in your water pipes. Through time, the accumulated minerals can affect the cleanliness of the water that pass through the pipes. It may also dampen water flow because the accumulated residues may block the pipes and reduce the water pressure. Through water softener systems, you can avoid expensive water pipe and plumbing replacements due to blockages.

Damage to Equipment

Not only does hard water damage the pipes, solidified minerals from hard water can also damage commercial equipment. Have you noticed the build-up of yellow particulates in your hotel room's electric kettle? Are there accumulated debris in your restaurant's dishwashers? Such debris can damage your commercial equipment over time. This is also true for larger equipment such as your company's water tank. Mineral sludge at the bottom of your hot water tank blocks the heat from reaching the upper layer of the tank, forcing it to work double-time. With water softener systems, you can avoid the unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.

In sum, the presence of water spots and limescale, damage to pipe and plumbing system, and damage to appliances and equipment in businesses can be damaging to any business' cleanliness, safety, and cost-efficiency. This is why it is best to maintain water softness for businesses. A water treatment specialist will help you find the best methods for conditioning your business water supply.