4 Ways To Reduce Problems And Energy Loss In Residential Crawl Space Foundations

The problems that you may have in the crawl space of your home can include energy loss, as well as structural damage and contamination. To reduce the problems in a crawl space, there are various improvements and repairs that you will want to have done. Here are some types to help reduce problems and energy loss in residential crawl space foundations.

1. Avoid Moisture and Rot Problems with Proper Crawl Space Ventilation

Moisture is one of the biggest causes of problems in residential crawl spaces. One of the main causes of moisture building up in a crawl space is poor ventilation. This is something that happens when there is not good cross-ventilation, which is essential to allow moisture to escape. To protect your home, talk with a foundation repair service about installing more vents for better cross-ventilation.

2. Protecting Ductwork From the Humidity and Moisture of Crawl Spaces

Another area that is vulnerable to damage is the HVAC ductwork that is often installed in a crawl space foundation. To protect ductwork from damage, you want to make sure that it is in the space between floor joists wherever possible. In addition, use more durable duct materials if possible and have the ducts routinely inspected for damage, and repair it as needed.

3. Drainage of Crawl Spaces to Keep Water and Moisture Out of Your Home

Drainage is another improvement that can be done to prevent problems in your basement. The drainage improvements of your crawl space should start with the watershed outside of your home, which should carry water away. Inside the foundation, talk with a foundation repair service about installing gravel and drainage tiles to prevent standing water that can lead to problems in the crawl space.

4. Complete Crawl Space Solution With Encapsulation to Keep Air and Moisture Out

If you are looking for more of a complete crawl space solution, encapsulation is a great way to keep moisture out of your foundation and air leaks out of your home. Encapsulation is the complete sealing of the floors and walls in your foundation to keep moisture out and improve energy efficiency inside your home. Even if you have encapsulation done to your crawl space, the other improvements are still things that you may want to have done.

These are some solutions that will help reduce problems and energy loss in crawl spaces. If you need help with repairs and improvements, contact a crawl space encapsulation service and talk to them about some of these improvements.