Looking To Install A Fence To Make Your Neighborhood Gated? What To Do

If you and your neighbors have decided that you want to make some changes to the entrance of your neighborhood, and you don't want it to be as easily accessible to those that are out driving around as it currently is, you'll want to talk with a fencing contractor. If your HOA will listen to the potential to changes and there are many people in your subdivision that want security, take the time to have a fencing contractor come to the area.

If you only have one way to go in and out of the neighborhood, the security improvements may be easy to make. Talk with a fencing and gate company about the following things.

Gate Installation Going Into the Neighborhood

An automatic gate may be the easiest way to keep unwanted people out. This would be a gate that opens up when you have the key code or entry option, and then closes when it's time to leave. You could also choose to make the gate closed only at certain hours of the day to prevent people from driving around in the early morning or at night.

A iron gate is a good option because it's affordable, durable, and it's going to look good at the front of the neighborhood. Get different quotes for the sizes, options and opening systems you think would work best.

Passcode or Scanning Option

The security method to get past the wrought iron gates will be something you need to vote on with your neighbors. This could be a key pad and you send the property owners text alerts with the changed code each month, a scanning sticker they put in their car that they use when they get up to the gate, or you could even just have it automatically open to any car that comes up. Just seeing a gate and restrictions on the neighborhood could be enough to make people go away.

If you are worried about how the mail professionals will get in the neighborhood or how you will get packages, these are things that you can work out in advance with the local delivery services, or you may want to have packages held somewhere.

If security is a huge concern in your neighborhood and your neighbors all agree that they want to be a gated community, talk with the HOA and also an iron gate company, like Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc. Everyone can vote on whether if this is an investment they are ready to make.