Why You Want A Roof Inspection Before You Buy A Home

Since a new roof is a major investment, you want to have the roof inspected before you buy a new home. You don't want to buy a new house and find out the roof leaks when you have the first heavy rain. An inspection helps you make an informed decision about buying the house and how much you're willing to pay for it. Here's why a roofing inspection is important.

You'll Find Out If The Roof Is Old And Worn Out

One thing the roofer will do is assess the serviceable life of the roof. The roof may not be leaking or giving the current owner problems, but if the roof is past its expected lifespan, that means you will probably need to replace the roof within the next few years. Another thing the roofer will check is the number of roof layers. If there are two layers already, that means you'll have to tear off the whole roof when it's time to get a new one, and that costs more than just adding a new layer of shingles.

Even New Roofs Can Have Damage

The current homeowners may have put on a new roof within the last few years, but that doesn't mean the roof is free from damage. The roof may not need to be replaced, but it could need repairs you need to know about. A new roof might be damaged by raccoons and need repairs to the shingles and deck. A more serious situation is damage from hail. Even if the roof is new, it will need to be replaced if it has extensive small dents from hail strikes. A roof inspection prevents you from feeling secure about a roof just because it's new. Instead, you want to make sure the roof won't need minor or major repairs that take you by surprise.

Old Repaired Areas Will Be Noted

Another thing you may want to know about is old repaired areas that indicate the roof had a leaky area at one time. Repairs show the owners kept up with roof maintenance, but they could also cover up more extensive damage under the new shingles such as rotting of the deck. The roofer will inspect the underside of the roof in the attic if possible to make sure there are no signs of current water leaking or signs of old water damage that might still pose a problem for the house.

A roof inspection provides valuable information about the expected lifespan of the roof and the roof's condition. In addition, you'll want to know things from the seller about the roof such as its age and whether it's still under warranty. All of this information helps you negotiate the best price for the house and keeps you from being shocked by the need for expensive roof repairs shortly after buying the home. For more information, you can go to websites with more roofing inspection and repair information.