Gutter Installation Fundamentals: Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you are like many homeowners, you've probably not given much thought to your home's rain gutters since you had them installed. Unfortunately, ignoring your rain gutters can leave you with problems and complications that you can't ignore. Here are a few common issues that you might encounter that may mean you need to schedule a whole new gutter installation.

Clogging Gutters

If your gutters weren't installed properly, or they are lacking gutter screens, you can end up with clogs over time. Caused by the accumulation of twigs, leaves, and other debris in the gutters, these clogs can lead to water buildup that can breach your roof edge and also leave water stains down the walls.

Left long enough, the water saturating leaves and other debris can weigh down your gutters. Eventually, this will damage the mounting brackets and may cause the gutter to pull away from the edge of the house. You'll want to reach out to a gutter installation technician about replacing them if this happens.

Sagging Gutters

As your gutters age, the brackets supporting them can begin to deteriorate. This leads to gutters sagging, which can interfere with the appropriate water flow that you need to protect your home. Whether you have damaged brackets or your gutters themselves are worn and damaged, you'll want to call a gutter installation contractor to fix the problem.

He or she will assess the existing installation to identify the problem areas. Any spaces that cannot be repaired will be replaced with new gutter sections. Ultimately, you'll have gutters with an appropriate downward angle and drainage structure to keep your home protected from excess water runoff.

Broken Gutters

Any time you have sections of your gutters that are visibly broken, that's a definite indication that you need to reach out to a gutter installation and repair professional. He or she will determine the cause of the damage first, that way it can be addressed to prevent the problem from happening again.

Once the cause of the broken gutters has been mediated, new gutters will be installed to replace the broken sections. You may even want to have the entire gutter system replaced if sections are starting to break because those breaks could be an early indication that the rest of the system is starting to fail. Having everything replaced now could save you from having to schedule further gutter system installations in the future.

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