3 Things You Must Know About Emerald Ash Borers

Do you have one or more ash trees on your property? Have you ever given thought to their appearance and whether you'd be disappointed if they suddenly disappeared? Trees are one of those things that few people actually think about on a daily basis but that would leave an obvious gap if they were to suddenly disappear. While this isn't something that will happen overnight, there are still things that can result in needing to remove your tree due to its premature death. Depending on where you live, one of the biggest dangers to an ash tree is an emerald ash borer infestation. Some things that you should know about this include the following.

It only takes a few: If you live at the edge of the territory currently claimed by emerald ash borers, you might think that you have little to nothing to worry about. However, the infested area of the country spreads out year by year so that you could soon be in the middle of an infestation. With the female beetles laying 40-50 eggs or more apiece, it doesn't take that many emerald ash borers landing on your tree for them to lay enough eggs for your tree to be killed off by the larvae.

Prevention is possible: While things like fly swatters and bug spray are largely ineffective at emerald ash borer prevention, that doesn't mean you have to leave your tree entirely helpless and without any protection. For the cost of a few tens of dollars, a professional can treat your tree so that any larvae that do hatch are poisoned when they eat the wood. Since it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to remove a fully grown tree, it makes sense to spend the money on the emerald ash borer prevention in order to keep your tree alive and healthy for as long as you can.

Other trees vulnerable: Despite the name, emerald ash borers can infest more than just ash trees. In some circumstances, they may infest a white fringetree or olive trees. The borer beetles vastly prefer ash trees but the ability for them to infest other trees makes emerald ash borer prevention measures even more important. Even if you don't actually have ash trees on your property, it can be worth checking with a professional to find out if you have a tree that could also potentially be infested and, if so, have that tree treated as well.

For more information about emerald ash borer prevention, contact a tree service in your area.