Tips To Update And Remodel Your Kitchen Space

With all the time spent in your kitchen space, you want the area to be inviting, warm, comfortable, and useful for all the preparation and gathering you do in the room. But your kitchen may need a freshening up with a remodel project. Here are some tips to help you have a successful kitchen remodel and redo the interior of this much-used space.

Refinish Your Cabinets

The cabinets within your kitchen can be an improvement to the space or an eyesore, depending on their condition and appearance. If, for example, your kitchen cabinets are from the 1980s and have not been updated ever, they will likely be dark, scratched, stained, and show their age.

Take a fresh look at your cabinets and their condition to help you in deciding if you need to replace them or if you can refinish them. With the help of your kitchen remodel professional, you can bring your kitchen cabinets back into the limelight again with the right improvements. With a new coat of paint on your cabinets you can transform them from dark and aged into something sleek and modern looking with attractive and gleaming hardware. Your kitchen contractor can refinish your cabinets by sanding them down and applying a new stain and protection coating.

Or if you want to try the project on your own you can paint over the existing finish and give them a faux wood look or something similarly attractive. Be sure you prepare the cabinets before painting over them. It is a good idea to wash and clean them of grease and dust, then lightly sand them to remove any existing shine.

Find and Choose Quality Fixtures

When it is time to select the fixtures that go into your kitchen, the condition, use, and appearance of these will make a big difference in your satisfaction with your remodel. Talk to your remodel contractor about selecting a quality sink faucet, water softener, and lighting fixtures for the space.

The faucet is a big focal point of your kitchen activities: Washing, getting a drink of water, or mixing up a recipe, you use water a lot. When your faucet is flimsy, leaking, or squeaks every time you use it, the quality will decrease within your kitchen, especially considering how often you turn the faucet on and off. The lighting is equally important because it will cast a bright illumination or dark shadows on everything you do. If the lighting is sparse and does not illuminate your most-used work spaces, such as the counters below the cabinetry, you will notice it each time you work in the space. Kitchen preparation will be much easier when you have a well-lit area.