Prevent Snow Damage With A Sump Pump

If your area is experiencing a lot of snow, you should prepare your basement for when it melts. Melting snow can cause as much damage as rain if your basement is not ready for it. To keep this from happening, you should install a sump pump in your basement. Sump Pump A sump pump is typically installed in a basement, and is buried under the ground so it is not seen. Read More 

Efficiency Thy Name Is Glass

The windows to a building are meant to let light in. This is helpful to the building in many ways. It helps to open  up space and make your building look more inviting. Furthermore, natural light can help to reduce the need for artificial light, which can help to keep your costs lower. Even though windows can be helpful, they can also cause problems. Windows let in UV rays and sometimes cold air, which can heat up your building, create more work for your AC unit, and cost you more money. Read More 

Four Tips To Stay Safe When Doing Repairs Or Maintenance On A Tile Roof

There may be some maintenance and repairs you want to do to your roof. This can be something as simple as cleaning it, or if you have a tile roof, you may want to replace a tile. It is always important to practice safety and use fall protection when working on a roof. This is also true for tile roofs where tiles can easily work loose and cause you to fall. Read More 

Most Common Washing Machine Repairs

If you're like most homeowners, it seems that the washing machine always quits when you have a pile of laundry to do, not when you've just finished. In addition, it's difficult for most people to tell whether it makes sense to call a washing machine repair technician or whether the problem is so serious that it makes more sense to replace the unit. Common Washing Machine Issues Of the most often found washing machine repairs, most are relatively inexpensive to fix. Read More 

Liquid Clog Removers Are Not A Safe Choice For Your Plumbing

There are advertisements for liquid clog removers on television all the time, and you see these products on end caps at big box stores. From their prevalence, you might assume they are an effective and safe way to remove stubborn clogs from your sink drains. That's what they're advertised to do, after all. The truth is that while liquid clog removers may unclog your drain, they are far from the best option for doing so. Read More