How Fire Doors Provide Your Home With An Extra Layer Of Fire Protection

If you want to make your home fire safe, instead of installing regular wooden doors inside of your home, consider installing or upgrading to fire safe doors. Fire safe doors provide an added layer of protection and will keep you and your family safe if your home were to ever catch on fire. Here is a quick overview of how interior fire safe doors will keep your family safe. Fire Safe Doors Can Withstand High Temperatures Read More 

Three Tips To Help You Choose The Best Roofing For Solar Integration

If you have an old roof, it may be time to have it replaced. This can be a good time to do other improvements to your home to help save energy. The roof of your home can be a great place to add solar energy. The solar array can be in the form of conventional panels, or you can use newer solar products that integrate into your roofing. Here are some tips to help you choose the best new roofing materials to add solar to your home: Read More 

3 Common Flavors Found In Of Well Water And What They’re Telling You

The natural taste of well water will vary throughout the United States, usually due to the unique makeup of minerals in each geographic area. While you've become accustomed to your well water's flavor, you may have noticed a shift in flavor and are worried about possible contaminants. Below are three common flavors that can occur in well water, what they mean, and how the problem can be treated.   Metal Read More 

Important Maintenance Steps For Septic Tank Owners

If you live out in the country, you may have to utilize a septic tank. In order to ensure this tank holds up over the years, these steps can be taken.     Protect the Tank and Drainfield It's very important to protect both your tank and the drainfield that surrounds it. Do not plant anything around your septic tank. If you do, roots from plants can grow too large and cause severe damage to your septic tank. Read More 

How To Change Your Toilet

Bathrooms are often the rooms in your home that need to be remodeled first. Making small remodels to your bathroom is a great way to make the room more stylish and more functional at the same time. For instance, a new paint job, shower fixtures or tile floor will drastically alter any bathroom. However, these remodels can be time consuming and too expensive for some customers. There are many more affordable DIY remodels that will also update the look and functionality of your bathroom. Read More