Don’t Waste Money With Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

Like with everything else, there is a less expensive and more expensive way to deal with asphalt pavement. Taking better care of your pavement and recycling used asphalt will keep your maintenance costs lower. Apply Two Coats of Sealant Rather than apply one coat of sealant, apply two. Two coats of sealant will last much longer than one coat. While it might seem like one coat will save you money, you will lose money when your asphalt does not last as long. Read More 

Beyond Curb Appeal: Why It Pays To Keep Your Roof Clean

Many people wash their roofs to keep them clean, which is good because it increases curb appeal and may even increase the value of a house. However, aesthetic appeal isn't the only reason for regularly washing your roof.  Keeping your roof clean goes a long way in: Boosting Energy Efficiency If your roof is dirty, then it is likely covered with algae and other growths. Such growths, especially black algae, have high heat retention capacities. Read More 

Tips For Finding And Removing Mold In Your Home

Mold is something all homeowners dread finding, and yet something virtually everyone will have to deal with. Mold growth is a common occurrence in bathrooms and other moist areas, but if left unattended it can spread deep into your home and cause many problems. To avoid this, follow these steps to periodically look for and clear out mold in your home. How to Inspect Your Home for Mold 1. Follow Your Nose. Read More 

Four Problem Tree Species That You May Want To Have Removed From Your Property

Trees can be a very valuable addition to your home; they can provide green space, shade and many other benefits to your property. Some trees can also cause problems, which can be due to fire hazards in dry climates, invasive species and other species that you may want to have removed. Some trees you may just want to have pruned and cared for, but there are some that the best solution is to have them removed. Read More 

3 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Delay AC Repairs

With proper care and maintenance, your AC keeps your home cool and comfortable when it gets hot outside. You should have an HVAC specialist out once a year to carry out routine care and maintenance; this helps keep your AC running efficiently all year long. Letting your air conditioning unit go without this simple beneficial visit can set you up for disaster when the weather gets hot. Here are three reasons you can't afford to delay AC repairs. Read More